Sunday, 24 May 2015

Developer Update Sunday 24th May 2015 - Coin Storm updated

Hi all, I have updated Coin Storm

Click here to download Coin Storm and play for free

I have added some speech to the game, activating power ups etc. adjusted switch camera icon to fit better, added google play icon to show logged in (green) or not (red),  I have also added today a bonus box for higher scores.

To activate the bonus box first activate the prize spawner by getting 5 purple coins in to the dropzone.

Wait for the bonus prize to spawn (you may have to wait as other prizes spawn) and then get that into the dropzone.

The bonus box will activate for 50 seconds, getting coins, prizes etc into the box will give higher score.

please download and play, hope you enjoy and give me a rating if you wish :)

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