Thursday, 6 August 2015

Developer Update Thursday August 6th 2015

Hi everyone, I have been working on Jiji Harvest, here is a small video showing some gameplay


I have been working on adding a shop to the game where you can buy upgrades and items for your jiji's by spending mana you collected from monsters. So far I have 3 items in the shop

  • Speed up +2 - speeds up all jiji's

  • Shield - protects from monster hits

  • treasure seekers hat - once brought adds treasure spawner to the level that spawns treasures to collect

Also working on a treasure screen showing all the treasures you have collected.

I have added crates to the game that you can touch to open and they drop such items as:

  • health vial - fills jiji's health back to full

  • missile - fires up and destroys any monsters on screen

  • bomb - blows up and damages all jiji's

  • large food - adds more food

  • mana pile - adds more mana

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