Sunday, 27 March 2016

Dragon Feeding Frenzy Saga, March 2016 update

Hi all, I've completed 25 levels, you can now collect dragon flames to light 8 columns at the stone circle on the world map and reveal a secret...

you can also collect 8 dragon eggs hidden on the world map to open up a bonus area.
power ups added! I have added 3 power ups: flame, ice and electric:
Flame power up, burns blocks and enemies.
Ice power up, freezes enemies and blocks and moving platforms.
Electric power up, fries enemies, activates switches and devices, destroys blocks.
some development screenshots attached, stay tuned for updates, and check my youtube for videos, please suscribe to support me, and like and share this post.

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Reed lake
World map / level select

Stone circle, collect dragon flames in game to light the columns
levels, unlock more doors by completing levels
Ice power up hit the ice cloud to activate and freeze enemies and platform
Ice power up
Electric power up destroying blocks
Use the electric power up to activate the door to get to the lift

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