Friday, 20 May 2016

live dev update 19:31 GMT 20th May 2016

Hi all, thought i'd do a live update, I have released my new game "Dragon Feeding Frenzy Saga" on google play store and amazon (links below).

I am planning on keeping working on the game to add extras, here's a screen grab of what I am currently working on, making a maze (I won't tell you what for SPOILERS!) ;)

you can download Dragon Feeding Frenzy Saga for free from these links:

and for amazon

screenshot showing me making the maze in unity3d free version

I've just started this so i'll work on it until my eyes fail then go chill :)

if you try my game and like it please leave a review, if you don't like it please tell me how you would like it improved, I'm developing on my own here so any feedback is very helpful

you can also see my youtube channel here:

please subscribe to help me develop

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