Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Developer Update Tuesday 5th September 2017 - RUN FOR IT!

Run For It coming soon...

Hi all, I have been busy working on Run For It!

I will hopefully be releasing it soon on google play for android.

Run for it, is a running game where you have to jump, slide and move to dodge obstacals, collect coins and treasures.

Once you complete a level you get to fight the areas boss in a battle to the death! from a forest demon to a high speed police chase to ariel battle against a plane armed with missiles!

There is also an explore section where you can control your character and explore the world in 3d collecting more coins, completing quests and discovering hidden secrets along the way.

In Marathon mode you keep running until you hit something, getting faster as you go further.

In Speed Run Mode you have to hit boost pads to speed up and see how far you can run before the time runs out.  You can collect more time but also watch out for minus time items and slow pads!

There are 4 playable characters male, female, robot and ninja.  You start with male unlocked and can unlock the other characters by collecting coins in game.

Check out my instagram for screenshots and small videos

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I will be adding some videos to my youtube channel
when I get chance!

keep checking back for more updates and in the meantime why not download and try one of my other android games

Cheers :)

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