Saturday, 4 November 2017

Developer update 4th November 2017 - Available games

Hi all, I have been developing since 2012 and have a total of 15 games on google play store (also available on amazon app store ando opera app store).  It is very hard work developing games on my own, working full-time and also looking after my daughter and running a house!

Below is a list of games I have created (click the names to view game page see info, screenshots, video and you can download for free from google play store):

Smash A Mole - whack a mole inspired game with multiple levels and play styles, whack the moles, shoot them in a shooting gallery, search for the commander in the grass, enter the mole hq and destroy them all!

Burp App - An app for fun joking around, burp noises and recored your own

Block Smasher Extreme - Araknoid style block breaking game with varied levels, power ups and boss fights

Bertz Amulets of Destiny - A puzzle adventure, varied levels and play styles

Baby App - Fun for babies and toddlers loads of simple activities to keep your little angel entertained.

Dragon Feeding Frenzy - A fast paced arcade game using a catapult to fire food into a frenzied dragons mouth to save the villagers.

Caimsa Ninja Warrior - A side on running game where you have to jump, use your shield and sword to run as far as you can.

Santa's Present Run - A game for Christmas where you run and collect presents avoiding obstacals.

Dragon Feeding Frenzy Saga - A rpg, puzzle adventure, a mix of exploring the world map to find objects and secrets and catapult puzzle action with power ups and varied levels.

Alien Horde - A frantic game drop bombs on the never ending alien invasion to save the Earth, collect nuke pieces to unleash a nuclear bomb!

Coin Storm - A coin push game where you drop coins to push other coins over the edge to score, with special coins, power ups, bonuses and prizes.

Halloween Pumpkin Pals - A halloween game featuring pete and petra pumpkins, talk to them, press various items on the screen to see what happens!

Fruit Cascade - A pub slot machine/fruit machine featuring 2 play modes one offline and competitive online, mini games and leaderboards.

Christmas Wonderland - A small game for kids press the objects on screen to find all of santa's missing reindeers.

Run For It - my latest game.  A running game with various play modes such as speed mode and marathon mode, also has a explore mode where you can explore the world in 3d and do quests, main game is running avoiding objects and collecting coins and powerups.

All games in this list are free to download and play (some require internet for online features) some are purely offline.

Please have a look and download and play, if you enjoy the game you download please leave a rating and review as this gives me invaluable feedback to make my games better for you.

Tell your friends and family and spread the word! share on social media.

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If you are still reading thankyou for taking an interest and I hope you enjoy the games I have made, I hope to keep improving and make more in the future - Carl (solo dev CoZ Games) 

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